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    Hi guys

    My Treo 650 comes with program called "messaging". Its a nifty little program that sms & mms.
    SMS is working perfectly fime with me. As for MMS, I can only send.

    I spoke to my provider & they gave me settings for a program called "MMS", which is not on my treo.
    I copied the settings from the providers instructions to the "messaging" program (Gateway address, MMSC URL, etc...) letter for letter.

    But I ended up with a peice of info (MMSC Port Number) with no where to enter it on "Messaging" (there is no more field to fill).
    I tried putting a semi-colon after the URL & typing the port number, no use.
    I am sure that this is what I am missing so I can get MMS's again.
    Is there a way around it or would anyone know of another program?
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    do you guys even use MMS?

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