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    what does everyone think of mobitv?
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    If they make it compatable with WM5, I'd most definitly use it. I would get better quality if my streams came from somewhere else.

    Till then I'll be using orb, though it's not too bad (feature wize). I get all my dish network channels wherever I am; plus all my music, pictures, and saved video. Problem being, my computer has to be on all the time; and my DSL line doesnt actualy provide much upload speed (128kbps) so the video isn't all to fabulous.
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    Lost it's novelty after about a week. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Quality of the streams versus cost of the service made me cancel MobiTV. I like the idea and will be keeping an eye on it as the higher speed networks become more available.
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    My experience is with a GSM (Cingular) T650 and MobiTV. My main problem was that the channel selection was lacking. CNET was the same old rehashed videos. A couple of news channels were good to have. They added a bunch of music video channels which make no sense whatsoever because the audio quality sucks for music.

    In my opinion, great for news and short shows. Bad for anything you want good quality audio or video out of. And limited channel selection.
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    I agree with Insertion...After about a week, I never used it and cancelled it.
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    Agree with the previous comments, but it was cool having CSPAN during Alito and Roberts hearings. Sound quality was good, and ppl sat still for the most part, so it wasn't jerky.
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    Loved the principle but because the programming rights were too costly, you ended up with programming that you would never watch for a lot of money. Plus it drained my battery and prevented me from getting calls (GSM). Great idea but lost its coolness after a week.
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    Concur with everyone else. The lack of decent channels at a reasonable pricepoint made it a novelty.
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    how would you rate it if it were free?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vipa1887
    how would you rate it if it were free?
    I guess if it were free, it'd be worth it. Actually I had a $10 monthly download credit from Sprint, so it didn't cost me anything to begin with. But still, other than the toon station, and an occassional MSNBC or FOXSports trip, nothing really exciting.

    The Horror channel was cool while it lasted. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    The Horror channel was cool while it lasted.
    They had FoxNews?
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    i like the comedy channel..definately keeps me entertained..only if they had fox..then id be able to watch 24!
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    Agree with above. Had fun with it for a few weeks. Cancelled it after one month. Channels were limited. Don't need a TV fix that badly I guess.
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    i heard theyre comin out with new channels..anyone know which ones?
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    Like many, it was the coolest thing ever for about a week, then I never launched it again. Battery drain and RAM usage made me have no qualms with deleting it and cancelling my account.
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    I think the channel selections, at least on Sprint, are kinda poor. MSNBC, Dscovery. Comedy, and NFL TV are ok, but more than half the channels are worthless imo. I think if they had an a la carte channel selection system with more premium channels like HBO, Sports package channels like MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL etc with a scaling price rate, then it would be much more interesting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta
    They had FoxNews?
    Say what you want about FoxNews but they have Kiran Chetry. Mmmm.
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    Most of the channels are useless. Wish they'd at least have AMC, TCM for movies, Link TV for offbeat political stuff, and a decent all-news channel. And ESPN 1 and 2, not the current useless one.
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    Hi there -- it's been a long time but I wanted to update everybody on how our spring plans are shaping up. I'm replying to this particular thread because I think we're making a lot of progress towards addressing a lot of your concerns, and it's going to be an exciting time as we start to roll all this out.

    -Audio quality: I am well aware of how bad the audio quality of the 650 client is on music channels, and we're in the process of upgrading our audio to MP3 across the board. This should be done in the next couple weeks, and will make a BIG difference. Let us know what you think!

    -Windows Mobile: We're on track to make a splash at CTIA with our first Windows Mobile client (which will run on the 700w among other devices). It has a full cable-box style channel guide, support for premium channels, and more. I can't comment on availability yet but it's coming, and thanks for waiting.

    -WiFi: I've mentioned it before, but we do have a great app out right now for the Palm TX and LifeDrive running high-quality streams over WiFi. Lots of people are using it as a TV replacement; go to for details. We do have other interesting WiFi products coming down the pipe as well in the coming days/weeks, so please keep an eye out.

    Radio: Some of you have asked about MobiRadio on the Treo, and Palm is next on the list (we originally launched it on Java and BREW phones). No dates yet, but it's a great service and we'll announce it loud and clear when it's available.

    Content: Stay tuned. Premium channels (which will be available in the Windows Mobile client and the next Palm client) open up the landscape for acquiring content like you wouldn't believe. Thanks again to all you early adopters and for those new to MobiTV, despite not having the HBOs of the world (yet), there's some great content on there already which definitely works for the snack-size mobile viewing appetite.

    Cheers --
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