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    I've been able to get my Treo650 to successfully HotSync via Bluetooth on various PCs... all using the Micrisoft BT stack. However, I can't get my Toshiba Tecra M4 to get successfully paired up with my Treo. I'm thinking it's more of config issue than something not working... just having a hard time getting the two paired up and getting the Toshiba to recognize the Treo is trying to connect.

    The Toshiba COM shows two client virtual ports. I've tried setting Hotsync to use either one, at various speeds, and enabling the Local sync... still nothing... Hotsync doesn't kick in when I try to sync. When I try to connect to the phone from the laptop, I get options for image and file transfer, but nothing when the phone tries to connect.

    The Toshiba BT help sucks... just wondering if someone has successfully gotten this to work?

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    Toshiba's bluetooth dev group in Germany. Get the latest stack from there. I'm on my 650 now so I cannot look easily for the link. Goggle it and look for a link in .de


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