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    I purchased Picsel Proviewer with one thing in mind: wanting the pdf viewer to reflow text.

    Well, I read the forums here and even Picsel's own forum, and at the time I purchased Proviewer I could not find anything that told me pdfs wouldn't reflow.

    Picsel doesn't offer a trial version, so I bought it. In hindsight, I suppose I could have (and probably should have) written to Picsel before I purchased the program and asked them.

    Well, the pdf viewer does not reflow pdfs. And, a day or so after I bought the program, I read a post on Picsel's forum from a dissatisfied Picsel customer who, like me, found this out the hard way and thought Picsel's documentation was somewhat deceiving in this regard.

    I wrote Picsel customer support and asked for a refund. They sent me a form and I filled it out. Then, they denied my refund because they say there was sufficient documentation on their FAQ that Proviewer only reflows Word documents. Later I found one little statement to this effect that is easily missed.

    So, the long story short--if you need a pdf viewer to reflow text, don't look to Picsel.

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    And it won't open files that are => ~2MB no matter how much free (dynamic/not) memory you have.

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