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    What is the latest version of Hot Sync Manager that supports USB?
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    The latest version I've seen for Visors is 3.1.1H (Windows) and 2.6.1 (Mac). Both of which can be or is installed via the Desktop installation software or updater from the Handspring support site.

    On the Windows site, I'm pretty certain the 3.1.1H version ships in the Desktop 3.1 bundle and the 3.0.1H version ships in the Desktop 3.01 bundle...

    ...but I believe both show up as "3.0.1H" in the "About HotSync Manager". It looks like either the numeric or string version field of the EXE wasn't updated-- if you performed a File-Properties of HOTSYNC.EXE and looked at the version tab and not the product version field in the other information area, you'll see it.

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