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    I finally got around to doing the 1.20 update on my unlocked GSM phone. I waited a while b/c I'm a mac user - I finally got an SD card reader. Anyway, the update seemed to go fine and I resync'ed without a problem. In fact, I made and received several phone calls, sent and received emails, etc. Everything was working just fine.

    All of a sudden, my keyboard and hard buttons don't work. The touch screen works fine. But it's amazing how without the 5-way, other hard buttons or keyboard you really can't do too much


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    PS - several soft resets did not help - I just hard reset and no dice either - in fact, in a way it's made things worse since the only way to select which language to use (which you must do after a hard reset) is to press the 5-way which doesn't work
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    OK - i think I found the problem but can't seem to fix it. For some reason my "p" key is semi-premanently pressed. It doesn't click if you tap it, and if you go to text entry programs (e.g. mail) it keeps typing ppppppppppppp. You have to sort of dig under the key to get it to stop typing. But I can't get it to "pop" up so that's it's completely unpressed.

    I'm going to search for stuck keys but if anyone has any thoughts they're most welcome.

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    You can buy new keypad parts here: They even have a replacement service if you aren't feeling brave.
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    Thanks! I found that service via another thread and have ordered a keyboard and torx 5....


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