I know this is slightly off topic from which devices are great, etc., but I am hoping for a little help deciding on GPS software. I've narrowed my search down to two choices: iGuidance and CoPilot6. I really liked TomTom, but they do not have any maps of Hawaii, and I am going there in a month so that rules out TomTom.

Anyone try both of these programs? I'm primarily on the West Coast U.S., so I need something that works well here. Neither of their GUI's look as slick as TomTom's, and the only appreciable feature difference I can tell between them is Live Traffic for CoPilot. I also noted that CoPilot shows mile markers....anyone with iGuidance-does it also show mile markers?

I've searched all over the net for good reviews of these software choices, and it may be that I dug so deep I missed what I was looking for. All advice is greatly appreciated!