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    how do i configure my verizon treo to ONLY get my NEW mail? when i click "get" i find my new and sent emails in my versamail inbox. how do i change this? PLEASE HELP!
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    Yeah, I noticed that too with Snappermail. Of course I just user Chatter now so I don't have that issue..but I'm still curious as to why that happens and if there's a work around.
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    what is chatter? is it better than versamail?
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    It is how gmail organize their mail app. Right now, if you logged on your desktop, your sent and received emails are setup like chat mode. No real outbox or inbox separation. Hence for an application like versamail or similar, it will retrieve all emails going in and out.

    Note also that once you sync for the 2nd time again, all your mail disappears (assuming no more new emails between sync was received by gmail) since gmail has already marked each mail having been retrieved by your Treo app.
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    what is chatter and how do you setup the versamail or any other apps like that to retrieve mail from for ex. gmail? does it cost anything to do that? or is just like recieving and sending txt msg's?
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    Chatter is another email app like versamail and snappermail... I was using versamail initially and had all sorts of problem auto syncing and downlodaing email. Switched to chatter and am glad I did so...

    To use chatter with gmail or any POP3 account you will need chatter and matrix ssl which can be purchased from Chatteremail

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    Just to add to cullal's points about Chatter, it can do handle IMAP email accounts and run all the retrieval/send operations "in the background" so you don't see them running. Look under the Palm Software/Communication section on this discussion board for all the info on chatter, including "what is" and "how to" set up push Gmail.

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