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    I just looked in my /Backup directory and see that there are old files hanging around. I'm assuming that these are also on my Visor, but the delete funciton does not display them for deletiong. Is there any good software to delete any/all apps.?

    Secondly, is it possible to transfer an app. from my Visor to my PC? I managed to loose one of the files, and so it now exists soley on my Visor. I'd like to get a copy to archive... Is there any programs to do this?

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    You have to be careful about that.
    Some programs actually consist of several files. For instance, if you managed to delete the Libmal.prc file, you'd discover that AvantGo would suddenly stop working.

    Other files are data files created by programs.

    As a general rule, when you delete a program with the Visor's delete menu command, it gets all the bits of the program. If you are paranoid about this, you need to get an uninstaller program, one that will watch as a program is installed and make a list of all its components. (there is a good one but I disremember its name)

    As for your second question, if you use BackupBuddy (or the free Backup Bitster) you can ensure that all your programs on the Visor wind up in your backup directory, and can be archived from there.
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    beambox is a great utility that will not only beam everything, but show you everything in memory and let you delete it.

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    You can use PrefMgr or G-PrefView to delete left over bits from programs you've deleted. G-PrefView page is in Japanese but trial download link is the second line under "DOWNLOAD".

    I haven't tried PrefMgr but with G-PrefView, tap the "Trash Collect" button to find orphan files. For some reason, it does not show the name of "trash" but if shows the name of the app it was associated with. Then tap the blank to the left of the app name & it will ask you whether you want to delete or not.

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    SilverScreen 1.8 allows you to set the Backup bit on all your applications NOT in ROM. pretty neat.
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