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    I played with a Treo 650 in a Cingular store near me. I was especially impressed that I was able to take pictures and then give a voice annotation to them. As a teacher who forgets peoples' name, that could be very useful. I agonized about getting a Treo vs getting two devices (a palm and a Motorola Razr). The Razr could take annotated pictures as well, but finally the attraction of having one device instead of two, and the convergence that offered convinced me to get a Treo (plus that keyboard is growing on me).

    In the end, I was uncomfortable committing myself to a two year cell phone plan to save money on the Treo, so I ended up buying one on e-bay for $320 (unlocked, Cingular, missing the software CD, but including a 2GB SD card). The seller has a one week return policy, so in that time I intend to install Cingular service and test the unit to make sure everything works as advertised.

    So is there a test program or suite for the Treo, soemthing to see if it's in working order? Is there anything I should do to test its function beyond what would be immediately obvious (taking pictures, maybe testing the blue-tooth by borrowing a blue tooth headset, etc.).

    Thanks for all the feedback and help people have already given me on this board.

    --Rick Taylor
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    I'd say just keep on playing with all the Treo functions, like phone, video recorder, Docs to Go, etc. If it's working fine for you for a week, that should be proof enough that it's in good working order.
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    Well good choice especially since they stopped selling razr's cause of technical problems.

    Just sit on the couch with the manual, download it if don't have, and go thu page by page..
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    But be careful.........The Treo is a drug and WILL control your life.......It has controlled mine for the last 2 1/2 years. But I wouldn't have it any other way! My wife keeps telling me that she wants a kid and I tell her "who needs kids when I have my treo?" (plus treo would get jealous if I had a kid)! YMMV
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381
    But be careful.........The Treo is a drug and WILL control your life.......It has controlled mine for the last 2 1/2 years.
    I kind of hope it does. My life is kind of out of control currently; it could use some organization.

    --Rick Taylor
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    Welcome to the asylum.

    (The PPR is mine!)

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    Holy cow you people are nuts. I love it!

    PS. I just traded Razr for Treo and I wouldn't even call the razr a device. It was worthless. Mine is 3 months old and just sitting in a drawer...
    "All the world's a stage... don't forget your lines!"
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    I went from a Razr to a Treo too. The Razr looked nice. But if you want to compare it to a Treo, you might as well compare a Gameboy to a high end PC. =)
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    Wife has a razr, constantly asking me to borrow the treo so she can call someone, look up something, check e-mail. I ask her why she has the razr, it is junk, her reply, it is pretty.
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