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    I've done a search, but didn't see any topics that matched my problem.

    I charge my phone nightly (Seems as if I have to, it's usually down pretty low each night). Sometimes, I'll unplug it in the morning with a full charge, and at some random point in the day, I'll get the "Battery Low. Shutting down in 30 seconds," and then if will count down and shut down.

    This has happened when the battery has shown 3/4, 1/2, etc full at various points in the day. It doesn't just happen at 1/3 power or anything like that. And it will sometimes just "happen," with no warning or apparent reason.

    However, it has also happened a number of times when I plug in the phone at mid-day. It has happened when plugging into a wall or car adapter.

    I have the following software installed on my phone (in addition to the normal stuff):

    TomTom Navigator (and contacts navigator)
    Dir Assist
    Google Local
    IBM Java VM
    Sol Free
    Sun Compass

    I had Opera Mini on here, but it would constantly cause my phone to reset. Whenever I used it, it would reset.

    Do I possibly have a bad battery? Or are there too many/conflicting apps on the phone? It shows I only have 4.8MB left in internal memory... Is there some way to see what I have and determine what I can/should get rid of?

    Thanks. I hope I haven't been too vague.
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    Hi Moneytrain8!

    It is possible that you have a bad battery, it is also possible you have been in an area with low or no service where the Treo will continue to search for better service and drain itself.

    Read thru this entire thread for other ideas:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Thanks for the reference. I found that thread and read through it, but didn't think it applied to me because the battery itself is not "draining," necessarily... Because if I take out the battery, wait a few seconds, and re-insert it, the phone powers up and it will show the battery at whatever charge it had before (3/4, 1/2, etc)... And will then work fine (usually) for the rest of the day. So it's not so much that it's draining fast, it's just, for some reason, thinking that the battery is low and shutting down, even though the battery has plenty of charge.

    Sometimes, the battery remove/re-insert doesn't always work the first time, and the soft reset really never works (it'll just re-start and tell me the battery is low and will shut down again).

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    Hardware Issue or Software?

    If you do a hard reset -- and try the Treo with nothing on it -- does the problem continue? If Yes -- probably a hardware issue and you need to address this with your service provider or Palm.

    If No -- do the first part of the clean install -- do not add back 3rd party apps.
    Still okay?

    Then move onto fresh 3rd party installs, one at a time.
    Still okay? Install the next software.

    All done installing and still okay? It was a software glitch, cured by the clean install.

    Cheers, Perry
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    The calibration may be off for the charging circuitry, try the following:

    In-Cradle Reset

    Rechargeable devices only
    An in-cradle reset will reset the charging circuitry in a rechargeable device. This is helpful if your device turns off as soon as you turn it on, or if it doesn't seem to be charging when you connect it to a power source.
    The charger can be any type of cradle or cable that charges your device. The important bit is to make sure the power adapter is plugged in and supplying power to your device during the reset.
    1. Connect your device securely to its charging cradle or cable, and connect the cradle/cable to a power source.
    2. Use an unfolded paper clip, or the reset tool at the tip of your stylus.
    3. Gently press the RESET button inside the hole on the back panel of your device (where's the reset hole?).
    4. All data on your device should be retained. If you do lose data after a soft reset, you may have a more serious issue with your hardware that requires a repair.
    5. After a soft reset, a logo screen appears, followed shortly by a Preferences screen asking you to set time and date.

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