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    I have a "verizonized" Sprint 650. I bought it on eBay in July and LOVE IT! "new every two" anniversary was last week and I got a free Razr phone. I have 3 lines with Verizon and wanted to put it on one of my other lines instead of the main line that I have the treo on. Well, they had to do it on my main line first, thus disconnecting the treo. When we tried to put it back on the main number and the ESN is not valid. What can I there any way to get this phone working again?

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    As of last fall they don't take "Verzioned" phones anymore. The ESN has to be in the Verizon database from the OEM (in this case Palm). You're screwed Best bet is to re-flash it all back to Sprint and sell it or trade it on eBay. That is, assuming the ESN is valid with Sprint and not reported lost or stolen.
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    Damn that sucks! How do I find out if the ESN is still good with sprint?
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    Also....anyone want to buy a used treo650?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrLaff
    Also....anyone want to buy a used treo650?
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    I'd B&M. Show bilols for the phoen going back whatever months and claim they moved the wronmg phone over and you shouldn't be penalized for their mistake......if necessary tell them as a resukt of their error, if they don't out it back, you will take all 4 lines to sprint.
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    Right well I did the update because I had a sprint one that said that it was stolen so I thought I would activate on my verizon account....I was able to flash it ok...but when you call to verizon are they now going to be able to input the esn into the system?? This is where I am confused...also...are you still going to be able to get the Free Data like you were able to get with the Verizonized Treo you had before they took it off your account?
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    I would love to buy... for parts

    since it cannot be activated, ill pay $125

    through paypal
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    I dont think verizon will be able to put it back in. You can probably sell and get most of the cost for an ebay vzw 650. call sprint and ask the cs if the esn is valid? they can look it up to see if it was flagged as stolen or no usable. Good Luck
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    tell them that you are so ticked at their screw up (it was on vzw at one point) that you expect a 700W for all your trouble.....

    worth a shot.
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    I am calling tomorrow and starting the ***** fest..we'll see what happens!

    Thanks to all...

    And I may sell it...stay tuned!
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    Wow. Those Vzw or sprint version are so confusing for me. I rather want the GSM which I always use. I think they are less hassle. As long as they are unlock, pop in your SIM and you are good to go. The phone is stolen or not. Nothing to worry about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    tell them that you are so ticked at their screw up (it was on vzw at one point) that you expect a 700W for all your trouble.....

    worth a shot.
    They'd have to pay ME to take a 700W. ewies.
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    So THIS is an interesting twist. I called Verizon, I can get a new 650 on Verizion for $249. So I think I'll do that. Than I called Sprint to see if the ESN was good so I can reflash and sell it on eBay as a Sprint phone...the ESN is currently in use by someone on the sprint network...HUH? Did someone clone this #? What next?
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    Shadowmite is the one you need to speak with....

    "The Savior of All Treos"
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    It's probably tied up in Sprint somewhere because it was a replacement phone that someone sold without ever activating. If it's flagged in their system, there is nothing you can do. Even the highest level technicians can't fully unlock an ESN if it's un-activatable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madcap
    Shadowmite is the one you need to speak with....

    "The Savior of All Treos"
    Unless Shadowmite can get Verizon to update their ESN database with all of Sprints, there's nothing he can do. When a phone is manufactured, the ESNs assigned to each provider are supplied to them - and only phones matching that database are able to be provisioned on that network. Verizon used to ignore this and take ANY CDMA phone, but as of last year, they no longer do it.

    If you had a phone with an ESN not in their database, they'll leave it on your account - but no new phones that aren't in their ESN database can be moved to Verizon.
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    Hey Drew,

    I PMd you about that phone.

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