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    I'm experiencing a goofy SD problem where my Treo 650 crashes and when it comes back up it no longer reads the SD card. I put multiple ones in there and it reads none of them. Then after 5 minutes it starts working again. It has happened twice and I was in TCPMP at least one of the times if not both. I have reacently installed LED off too. Any ideas? This is fracked up.


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    I'd hard reset and see if the problem still exists. If it does, it's hardware, if not, it's software. If it's software, I'd go through the ever so much fun process of reinstalling one at a time and testing until the problem showed up again...or didn't.

    You do have a whole day to kill on this, don't you?
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    not sure of how to fix for good as I have the same recurring issue due to an unknown/sporadic problem. I can however tell you how I got my 650 to recognize the card when it happens...

    first, turn off the screen by tapping the red power (phone) hard-button
    next, eject the card, then pop it back in
    the screen will turn back on when the card is recognized
    if your keygard is on, you can unlock it here & you should be set to go.

    hopefully this method works for you as easily as it does for me - it only takes a few seconds to do

    Personally, I wish I could track down what causes it to do this, but like I said, it is sporadic & tough to track down.
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    I'm having a similar problem on my unlocked GSM 650 since I installed FAT32.

    If my Treo crashes, the SIM card will not be recognized until I do several soft-resets.
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    I have this problem as well. It goes away after a hard reset with a totally blank Treo, but once 3rd party programs are installed, it is not recognized. I have been trying to pin what it is down, but it isn't consistent. The solution (albeit, not perfect) that works is the program called CradleCare. If you selece Master Enable, and Card pop, remount it keeps the card recognized.
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    Do any of you guys use Resco Locker?

    I'm using 1.20 of that program along with fat32.prc and noticed on resets about 8 out of 10 times my card won't show up. Only reseting it a dozen times would it come back (turing off the screen, poping it out, resetting w/o card, etc. all did not work).

    My only solution is if I'm going to manually soft reset to disable RLocker and then re-enable it after the boot (diabling 'auto start' doesn't work in this case, or rather it works but i loose all my selected programs to lock).

    This problem drove me up the wall and I was thinking it was the card(s) or some 3rd part program or the fat32.prc but it was all RLocker.
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    I don't use Resco Locker.

    The problem started after I installed FAT32 in my custom ROM (1.20ENA as shipped + Fat32).
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    Quote Originally Posted by DHAnderson
    I don't use Resco Locker.

    The problem started after I installed FAT32 in my custom ROM (1.20ENA as shipped + Fat32).
    For me the problem started with 1.20 TIM (Italian), no FAT32.


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    yep - I have Resco Locker but this problem started WAY before I installed RL
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    Try Cradle Care. I mentioned it before. It will remount your card, and the phone will see it again. Trust me, I have tried everything.
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    What about LED off? Since I disabled it, I have not had the problem.
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