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    I received my new enovo case from TreoCentral Store, and I have to say I am very impressed with this case. It adds very little bulk and even makes the Treo feel better and secure when holding. It has very nice stitching and all the holes lined up perfectly. The side buttons are a little hard to press, and I can only remove the stylus with my pinky, but I can get used to that. The top cover is easy to remove, and when on adds good protection for the screen. The belt clip is the best I've seen. I'm comparing it with Vaja's and Sena's clips. The only questionable thing I see is a small raised stub where the stud for the belt clip is mounted inside the case, but it does not appear to be causing any problems or scratches to my Treo. I called just to check if mine was the only one like that, but the cust rep said the others are the same way. The Treo slides in the case very easily, and when it is removed, you have to squeeze the case a little so the top bar doesn't catch the 5-way Nav button. It holds the Treo snuggly and I have confidence it will never slip out of the case. The SD pocket seems tight and I could barely fit a business card in the slot for it, but I doubt I would ever use it anyway. Overall, I love this case and would recommend it over the Vaja because of price, belt clip and ability to remove cover.
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    FWIW, mine had the little nubbin on the inside and it caused no problems.
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