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    For those Mac users who are using iSync and Palm Desktop, what is the "proper" set of conduits to have disabled & enabled? I've looked at my set and it's an awful mess. Not sure why, but there appear to be several similar conduits for the same data but with different names. I'm guessing these are leftovers from older versions of Palm desktop and/or iSync?

    Located in /Library/Application Support/Palm HotSync/

    Voice Memo Conduit
    Photos Conduit
    Note Pad Conduit
    Memos Conduit
    Install Conduit
    Backup Conduit
    Disabled Conduits
    Memo Conduit
    iSync Disabled Conduits
    Calendar Conduit
    ToDo Conduit
    Tasks Conduit
    Contacts Conduit
    Address Conduit
    Datebook Conduit

    Confusing, huh? Note that I seem to have both a "Memos Conduit" and a "Memo Conduit", as well as a "Datebook Conduit" and a "Calendar Conduit".

    What do you have?
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    OS5 vs OS3

    Calendar = Date Book

    Tasks = ToDo List

    Memos = Memo/ Memo Pad

    Contacts = Address Book

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