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    Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to "cut" a section of an mp3 song on this software?

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    Give me a few minutes to open the app, and make notes as I go along. Back in a few. BTW, no "dummy"-- we all had to start somewhere. Some of us just got there a few moments before ya, 'tis all. :-)
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    1) Install Audacity
    2a) Download LAME:
    .... get the FINAL version

    Open Audacity and stretch it open wide.

    Drag and drop an mp3 file into the open screen. Audacity will then ask you where is that Lame file (dll). Point it to the location, and you won't be asked again.

    After the drag and drop, you should see one or two longish horizontal graphics, representing your tune. If you see two, just focus on the top one.

    Look at the upper left corner-- there's a big "I", and under it, a magnifying glass. These are the two you care most about. The "I" = the cursor. The magnifier makes it easier to alter the precise part of the song desired. The "I" will probably be the one selected by default, just after the drag and drop.

    Press the green point-right arrow at the top, to start playing the song. To experiment, when the vertical black line hits the "15" mark, click the 2 blue lines icon, to PAUSE the song. Take your cursor, and click on that same black line. Now, click the yellow square, for STOP.

    Take your cursor again, and just brush it near that black line, without clicking down. You'll see that it turns into a hand. If you press down and move the cursor/hand to the left, you could hit the delete key on your 'puter, which would kill that part of the song. You could also do this by using the file menu: EDIT >>> DELETE.

    Suppose instead that you just want to FADE IN the beginning of the song: EFFECT >> FADE IN.

    To experiment some more, let's just click the cursor anywhere inside the song, say, around the "30" mark. Go the menu, and choose EDIT >> SELECT. Select itself has options: START TO CURSOR and CURSOR TO END. If you wanted to modify or delete all of the song after the 30 mark, you'd choose CURSOR TO END. On the other hand, if you wanted to futz with the beginning of the tune, you'd choose START TO CURSOR.

    For the most part, I find myself trimming off stuff on the front end, then applying a slight fade in effect. Then I kill most of the song, to leave roughly 30 seconds. Since I hate sounds to just chop off abruptly, I always apply a FADE OUT to the last few seconds of the song.

    When I have a hard time hitting the precise area of the song I want, I use the maginifying glass. That makes the ebbs and flow much easier to see, and deal with.

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