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    Hi Guys,

    I hope you all don't mind that I am turning this forum into a blog (that's
    one word I don't like and wish it didn't exist, but that's another story).

    I've just had the pleasure of hard resetting my Treo 650 and installing
    all the applications and rebuilding the databases and stuff. This was
    because either Obfuscator or dbscan messed up things in a way that
    I am incapable of describing here.

    This is definitely not a comment on either utilities and I'm sure there are
    many users who find them useful.

    - mvk
    Game over!
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    You might find yourself better off. Restoring after a hard reset (reinstalling, not restoring from a backup or hotsync, except for PIM stuff) seems to do a Treo good.
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    I have a quick question...after a hard reset, how do you get your computer to stop trying to reload all of the programs upon hotsync? I had to do a hard reset on my 650 after trying to install Earthcomber, and when I hotsync it tries to reinstall it. I want all of the other apps to reinstall, but not that one!
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    Remove it from the Program Files/Palm/your-hotsync-username/Backup directory
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