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    Okay, I'm a noob to Chattermail but I have a main mailbox (account) and two sub-mailboxes (subaccounts). I do this to keep my work email and my other job emails organized. Now I know I have IMAP because what I do on my Treo gets done up on the AIM server.

    My question is: Can I send email from these submailboxes and attach different signatures to them? I tried but failed to connect.

    Does the login on the subfolder smtp need to be the exact same as the main mailbox. For instance main server smtp is while the subs are just
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    I'm not really sure how that works with AIM. Anyone else?

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    What I did was I have mail coming in from two AOL accounts and an Adelphia account, I set the adelphia account up that I recieve from them but when I go to send I have to send it through Verizon's SMTP server, but when the other party recieves it, it has my adelphia address as a return address and shows that it came from that account. You can send through your AIM account but just put the return address as whatever address you want, and it will come back through that address. Does that make sense and help at all?
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