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    I've searched through past posts and it seems that only the Treo600 could do this with software from ClieVideo called PalmWebcam. Now many people have emailed them asking if it would be possible to update the software to support the 650, but there has been no feedback from ClieVideo for almost a year now (I emailed them twice in the past months and no reply) so I assume it is no longer actively developed.

    Are there any developers out there interested in creating webcam functionality for the Treo650 ?
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    Check out

    I believe the first two items on that list will do what you want. I think I have an older version (called palm webcam) but I'm not sure it's the same app. Good luck!
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    Yeah, thanks for the reply but what you have linked to is actually software to view your desktop webcam on your Palm, I was asking about software that performed the reverse.
    i.e. Use your Palm's camera as a webcam for your desktop.
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    Looks like he took it off palmgear. Here's the software that I have:

    Palm Webcam from

    I thought the name had changed, but it's just not on anymore. I only had it work on my 600 -- I haven't tried it with my 650. Good luck.

    And ps:

    "You will be able to select your Palm as the camera source in your favorite Webcam, Instant Messaging and Video Capture applications." -- from the website
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    Sorry, missed your first post's detail about -- like i said, i thought it'd been taken over by a new party. my bad.

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