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    So for about a 20 dollar difference, I dont know if I should get a SanDisk® 1GB Ultra® II SD Memory Card or a SanDisk Standard SD™ Card 1GB. Does Ultra really make that much of a difference? I am using a Treo 650... I want my programs/music/videos and such to open fast, but will 20 dollars really make a difference between the cards? Is it even worth the 20 bucks to get the Ultra card? Please get back to me ASAP. THANK YOU!!!

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    The transfer rate is faster on the Ultra. Although some people have said once in the Treo, the standard card works fine. I wonder if apps really do open faster on the faster cards, I still think the extra speed is for transfer. Anyone know for sure? I have only used faster cards, so I can't compare to a standard card.
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    I would go for the Ultra. I'm not sure how much faster apps will load, but I can tell you that I sometimes damn near lose my patience with the standard card I have, and wish I would've gotten an ultra instead.
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    Definitely Ultra.
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    Treo has an ancient USB 1.1 and will not benefit from Ultra SD card speeds. However, when you use the card elsewhere, like a camera, in a card reader, etc, the Ultra interface might help.

    It all depends on whether $20 is something you can spare for the sake of future applications of the card.
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    Card speed does matter in the Treo 650 i.e. viewing pictures, and the load time in slide show view.
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    i think im gonna go with the ultra. thanks for the advice fellas =]

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