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    Ok, I saw the app that allows Palm apps to run on the Treo 700p and that's great to know but I'm more interested in the other way around. Does this exist?

    This would be a great way to get a comfort level of the existing apps for Pocket PC to see if I'm comfortable making the transition...

    It would also be interesting to see if apps such as the mulimedia ones that play XM, Sirius and SlingBoxes would work on 650.

    I doubt it exists but doesn't hurt to ask....
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    There isn't much chance that you would find a PPC Emulator for Palm OS, its easy to go one way, but from what I have see there isn't anyway to go the other way, believe me if that would work that would be awesome. I think its just a matter of the OS. Windows Mobile requires so much more overhead to run that Palm OS does. Its a shame though....
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    Agreed, the WM overhead is intense. Is there a specific app your trying to run? The PPC crowd had been trying for years to get a palm emu running on WM in my opinion because there are so many more apps for palm devices that you just can't get on WM. This may be changing now though since more and more developers are supporting WM. The emu's though even on 5-600mhz ppc's were dogs imagine what it would run like on a treo?!


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