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    I just received it today, 4 days after ordering it using their Fedex ground standard shipping. So far I like it. The leather is soft and high quality and the fit is very good while still reasonably easy to take in and out. It hugs the Treo nicely and makes it easier to hold and less likely to slip out of your hand.

    The flip is nice and narrow. This makes the case seem smaller when you hold it rather than extending all the way out to the full width of the case. An SD card and business card holder are integrated into the flip but I probably won't use them. I tried putting an SD card in the slot but it is very tight and difficult to remove. The width is barely wide enough to fit 1 busniess card and fitting more than one might be even harder. The flip itself is padded, and folds over the top nicely when open.

    From the next couple pics, you can see the edge of the case does stick up a little above the keyboard. This makes the keys near the edge more difficult to press but it's not that significant and I've almost gotten used to it. It also prevents the flip from touching the buttons so now I have turned my keyguard off. Before ordering, I thought the strip that goes above the screen would make it uncomfortable to hold up to your ear, but it doesn't really change how it feels.

    The clip is nice and easy to use. It clips in with a nice secure click and rotates freely. To remove the phone from the clip, you need to rotate the phone slightly because the release switch is lower than the top of the case when upright. This is also supposed to prevent accidental releases. The center of gravity is below the clip so the phone doesn't rotate as much when you are walking. You can see here, that the clip hugs the case very closely and keeps the whole thing close to your body. Very nice. The magnet where the flip closes is pretty strong and keeps the flip nice and centered while remaining easy to open the flip one handed with your thumb.

    You can get a sense of how much bulkier the eNovo will make your phone from this pic, which is not very much. I was very wary of making the phone bulkier to the point of almost not getting a case and just using a pouch.

    This shot illustrates the thickness of the case itself which is not very thick. The case is made of plastic with a very thin layer of felt on the inside and a thin piece of soft leather covering the outside. The openings for the speaker switch and LED indicator line up nicely. I forgot to take a shot of the sync port opening at the bottom, but this shot shows it okay. The opening is perfect and there's no trouble attaching the sync cable.

    A nice touch to this case is the removeable flip for ultimate accessibility, but I'll be leaving mine on. There is a bent wire hook that keeps the flip attached. It is easy to slide out to the side to remove the flip. I probably won't be taking the flip off and I'm not worried the flip will fall off on it's own. The hinge sits in a recessed portion of the case and I'm not worried it will scratch my Treo. However, on my case, there is a little spot below the hinge that has been denuded of the felt. I think it is glue or something from the belt clip attachment. I thought this might eventually scratch my phone so I cut a piece of an old screen protector and put it on the battery cover to protect it.

    The last shot also shows the openings for the speaker. One concern I had in a case were having openings for the speaker because pouch cases muffle it a lot. These openings muffle the sound slightly, but still is plenty loud enough.

    Overall, the case is really nice. A little more than I wanted to pay at roughly $70 shipped, but I'm happy I didn't pay over $100 for the Vaja and I didn't have to wait 30 days for it. The website ( does indicate that it can take up to 15 days but I guess they had one in stock when I placed my order, YMMV. It also doesn't seem to be as bulky as all the photos make the Vaja look. I thought about just using a vertical pouch case in combination with the invisibleshield, but it didn't like how tricky it can be to get the phone out of a pouch. The shield also doesn't protect the corners well. For a screen protector, I will be using a Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal. I've used on my Axim and it was really nice and the stylus didn't stick to the screen.

    Before you wonder, the watermarks on the photos are there just because I hate it when I write up a review and people steal my images. So just a mini-deterrant and not to advertise my site.
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    Thanks bluelegend. I'm going to take a look at that case. It looks nice. Keep us posted if your mind changes or if you want to brag how impressed you still are.
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    This is a great review. Well done.
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    I have a couple of questions, after looking it over again.

    Is the clip button removable from the back of the case, if I wanted to carry it in my pocket?

    Seriously, the case doesn't interfere with typing the outer keys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotrod
    I have a couple of questions, after looking it over again.

    Is the clip button removable from the back of the case, if I wanted to carry it in my pocket?

    Seriously, the case doesn't interfere with typing the outer keys?
    The button is not removable unfortunately. But compared to the "Ultra Clip" that was on my Axim's Sena case, the button is smaller.

    The case does interfere with the keys at the edge. To overcome this, I need to press more vertically with my thumbs rather than out from the sides. It's something I'm gonna have to get used to because so far I like the case a lot.

    I added another pic at the end that I forgot to include. This one shows a closer pic of the keyboard. Doesn't seem as high and thick as the Smartphone Experts one listed in the Accessories section of TC.
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    Thanks Bluelegend. I'm going to seriously consider this case. It looks very nice.
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    So as an update, I'm still using this great case. I noticed the case did not hug the Treo as tightly as I wanted. An example of this is that I could slide the Treo about 1/4" out of the case without much effort. So I added a couple pieces of an old screen protector to the back and this made the case fit more snug. Also, it raised the keyboard a tad and the lip around the keyboard does not interfere as much with the keys are the periphery. The clip is very nice and shows no wear. Sometimes with the other style of belt-clip, the little plastic latch that moves in and out to release will wear down. This happened with the Ultra Clip on my old Axim Sena case. The magnet on the flap provides a nice, firm closure of the flap. Using the phone with the flap flopped over the top has not presented any annoyances. There is no wear on the leather at all. On the back, where the clip rubs on the leather, it has gotten a little shinier there is a slight indentation in the shape of an arc but that is to be expected. None of the stitching has come loose and the bond between the two halves of the case is very much intact with no signs of separation.
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    I ordered and got mine yesterday. I ordered mine without the clip, because I'm going to be carrying it in my pocket all the time. I really like it. I usually say that I have "fat" fingers, so I was very concerned that the edge of the case might obstruct my typing. But I can say that it is not a problem.

    I haven't put an SD card in the slot yet, but I had to trim my business card to fit. Which doesn't matter. I really only want one in there for ID if it gets lost.

    Thanks for helping me decide to get this wonderful case.
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    Wow, that was a superb review! Props to you!
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    Nice review... Now I have to add another case to my list of ones Im thinking about buying.

    Im looking at these cases...

    Piel Frama Flip
    Vaja T77
    and now this eNOVO case...
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    To revive an old thread, I just got this case for my 700p. As for fit, quality, and functionality, I love it. I had the Vaja classic leather (non-Ivolution) for my 600, and it wore out and literally fell apart after a few years (with the Treo falling out on a few occasions). I then got a Piel Frama case to tide me over a few months before I upgraded to the 700p. Since Vaja and Piel Frama are often thought of as the top-of-the-line, let me say this: I find this case superior in just about every way to the Vaja classic and Piel Frama: it offers better protection, appears to be much more durable (no leather stretching over time), and the craftsmanship is as good as the other two. And I am picky about clips. I have been a big Ultra Clip fan since it was on a case for my Palm III (!) and subsequently my Vaja case, but the TechLock clip on this case is at least as good if not better (the clip on the Piel Frama is junk). It seems that the Ivolution is a similarly designed case, and I am sure that it is quality-made, but it's double the price of this case!

    My ONLY negative about this case: the lip around the keyboard definitely impairs typing, and now that I have Chatter running full steam with all my accounts, that may prove to be a bigger problem. We'll see. Hopefully I'll get used to it like the OP did.
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    I have a question for guys: If the eNovo case and the Vaja T77 were the EXACT same price, which would you choose???
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    Can's say since I've never touched a Vaja Ivolution case, but if the price were similar, I'd be tempted to try the T77 due to possibly less keyboard interference. But they're not the same price. The Vaja is practically double in price!
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    But I am more used to the way the Enovo flips (from the top).
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    hmmm seems like the eNovo is thinner than the vaja, but the vaja supposedly doesn't affect typing on the keyboard at all.
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    Looks nice. Too bad there's not cutout in the flip for the earpiece.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathanuy
    My ONLY negative about this case: the lip around the keyboard definitely impairs typing,
    I found it was only on one side that the lip of the case impaired my typing. So I tapes a piece of folded up paper inside to the case to raise up that side of my treo. The extra thickness of the paper raises up the treo just enough to make it easier to type.
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    bump... any other thoughts on this case? They just came out with a version for the 680. I'm tempted, but it is pricey.
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    i gave up on mine. After 4 months it got loose, and the didn't fit as tight anymore. my treo would slide out.

    actually I've given up on all cases for my treo. They just add bulk and trap dirt between the case and the phone which leads to scratching. ( i often work outside and sometimes get dirt and dust in my pockets.)

    I can keep it cleaner with no case.
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    i would suggest the thin skin by plamone, flexi-skin, covers everything and adds no bulk

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