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    I'm flying to Oakland, CA tomorrow. Can I surf the net on my Treo during the flight?

    Thanksw, Justin
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    I rather doubt it. Probably no wifi on the plane and you're not supposed to turn on your cell phone. That's why it has flight mode.

    If I read about an Oakland-bound plane going down I will know why.
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    Legally... no. If the flight crew does see the phone; they may ask to see if its on flight mode.

    Is it possible, maybe... but I don't think youd get a good connection; if any durring flight. I believe over 10,000 or so feet and at flying speeds in a jet you would be switching cell towers too often to keep a connection. Though I also heard rumors that about 4 calls are made from the bathrooms durring average flights; So I dunno. I'm more likely to assume you loose all cell connection.

    Have I tried it? Nope, haven't really had a need, nor do I even fly that much. If I do fly, I just sleep... Theres no need (for me) to be connected 24/7/365 to work or school; if someone has something to say to me... surely it can wait a few hours.
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    Well, I know that through our treos a lot of emails get shot quickly in and out during flight... as well as SMS (usually when I'm SMSing/Emailing they're coming into SJC and they're over nevada)
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