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    laser pens project keyboard and screen!
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    Although the keyboard is more "Sci-Fi" (and it has been around for quiet a while), the projecter is more difficult to realize in practice... - mvk
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    that's pretty unrealistic man...
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    The virtual keyboard is already a product you can buy and was in an episode of CSI heh the thing is expensive tho, like 300 bucks

    the projector is harder since you'd need a really bright light source = lots of power. but it'll exist someday...
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    Someday. The first thing I thought of when looking at the pics though, was my collector's edition lightsaber
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    The keyboard is doable, as it already exists...just changing the form factor. The downside to those is the lack of tactile feedback. They can make it click when you type, but that is annoying, IMO.

    The projector would be incredible, but power would definitely be an issue. And the room would have to be very dark to use, unlike modern projectors.

    11 points for the ubergeek factor!
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