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    Hi folks,

    I find it most convenient to load stuff onto my Treo's card by popping it out and putting it in a card reader. Long story why I do this, but it basically gets around having to sync it with another computer which it never sync's with (an Apple iBook, no less; usual sync computer is Dell PC desktop).

    The iBook says that only 482 mb are used, 493 mb or so of the card is free. Yet the card won't take any more data. If I delete a large file (an hour recording mp3 of about 52 mb), it'll take lots more photos and smaller mp3 songs for transfer until it reaches the same 480+ mb range, at which it is only half full, but it won't take more. The palm data (medical textbooks, etc.) take up only about 50 mb total, so the rest of the 1 gb card should be free for photos and music and anything else. But it doesn't seem to be free to use its full capacity.

    Can anyone think of some obvious thing I'm missing???

    Many thanks in advance,
    -- Josh in Syracuse
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    Hi Josh,
    I had the same problem, look here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadavi
    Hi Josh,
    I had the same problem, look here:

    Wow, it's working! I just put all my music into a folder and -voila- I can fit so much more onto the card! Thanks.
    -- Josh

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