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    I'm hoping to get some feedback on anyone who may have tried this. I have been a user of the 650 since it first came out and I love it. I'm with a GSM carrier in Canada: Rogers. Recently I accepted a new job that will require me to travel to remote areas of British Columbia. From what I have been able to determine, only Telus is available in these areas. Telus is a CDMA carrier here, and they do provide digital coverage in most of the areas that I will need to travel to. So, I may be forced to switch carriers and get a CDMA version of the Treo 650. My question is can I just plug in the new CDMA version into my cradle using all of my existing settings, palm desktop, software, etc and sync? Has anyone done this? Any feedback will be appreciated.

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    There may be some carrier specific files residing on your GSM Treo, that could cause problems should they be synced over to the new CDMA Treo. I think your best bet is to do a clean install to the new Treo, which is not as bad as you might imagine.

    1: Hotsync your GSM Treo
    2: Rename your "backup" folder to something like "backup_old or "backup_date"
    (the backup folder can be found under C/ProgramFiles/Palm[or Handspring]/HotsyncName)
    3: Sync the new Treo, the sync process will ask you to select a username, select your existing username

    The above process will sync over your existing default data (datebook, contacts, todo, memo) and create a new, clean backup folder. Now, from the previously renamed backup folder, you can start syncing your 3rd party applications over to your new phone.

    This will give a nice, clean install on your new Treo.
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    Agreed. Enough software differences to cause problems without a clean install.
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    Disagree. I think it's unlikely you'll have any significant issues. Obviously, the ROM (including phone files) is different, but they don't sync anyway.

    I think you should give it a shot. Treat it just like a hard reset for restoring everything. The risk is really small and the gain is great.

    A couple of tips:

    First, make a copy of your Palm <Hotsync Name> backup file. That way you can always do it again if it does not work out exactly right the first time.

    Second, use the same HotSync name - or, alternately, copy everything from you backup folder into the new name's backup folder.

    Third, you can go back and eliminate any problem files in your backup if you need to, but I'll bet you'll have no troubles at all. Let us know how it goes!

    Fourth, if you use Voice Dial, you'll have to contact them (a search should find a previous topic on how to do that) and get a new registration code as it is tied to the device, not Palm HotSync name like most registrations. You also have to re-load the Voice Installer Installer into the Treo to get it to work.
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    Thanks for the replies. I think I'm of the same opinion as westronic. I don't think any phone specific files are synced so I *should* be able to place either a GSM or CDMA phone into the cradle and sync my software and data. I don't see it causing any problems, even if it doesn't work right. Worst case I just hard reset and install each app one by one.

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    If you get some instability in your new Treo you can always to the zero-out and reinstall from scratch. Give the easy way a shot first and go from there.

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