Vendor site says $99/year but freeware palm calling it freeware now....maybe PC program costs the bucks.

For patients receiving home care or hospice services.

For such patients, all major insurers, including Medicare, will reimburse primary care providers for the time spent performing paperwork, talking on the phone and related activities.

Complexity of the documentation process and choice of billing codes has prevented many providers from billing for such work.

In addition, the Office of Inspector General, the investigative arm of Medicare, recently increased its scrutiny of physician documentation to support billing for Care Plan Oversight, as described in a report from Puerto Rico.

As a nationally recognized leader in home care medicine and end of life care, Dr. Edward Ratner, President of Infingo, LLC recognized the difficulties of tracking and billing for Care Plan Oversight.

To overcome the challenges of the required time tracking over a month, CPO Log provides a handheld computer user a menu driven method to document each 5-minute increment of time spent on Care Plan Oversight.

At the end of the month, a linked personal computer program calculates the appropriate billing code and prints medical record documentation and a billing fee ticket.