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    Can any of you that have gone through the wringer with this one please give me some advice for syncing?

    Here's what I'm trying to do, although it's probably not possible:

    -My wife and I both use the Palm Desktop with two different User Profiles. (Only one windows profile, but two Visors.) We wish to continue using this conduit.

    -We would also like to share a category of contacts and schedule. Nothing fancy, just one set of shared information.

    -We would also both like to sync to our personal yahoo contacts.

    -We also have MyPalm accounts, if it helps.

    -And last and definitely least, I might want to sync to Outlook 2000 at work if it's not a big hassle.

    I've looked at fusion oneand truesync, but I'm mostly confused. I've got an idea of what I need to do, can someone give me advice though? Will this work?

    We can both use XTNDConnect to sync our Palm Desktops with our MyPalm accounts. This way we can still sync our Visors to the desktop. (I just don't know how well XTNDConnect will handle two users.) At MyPalm, you currently can't synchronize shared data (like WeSync), but they say it will be supported soon. (The acquisition of WeSync looks good for this aspect.) So I can just set this up and wait until we can share contact info and datebook items.

    Then I still need to hook Yahoo to something. If I understand correctly, Intellisync for yahoo will kill my ability to hotsync my Visor with Palm Desktop. So do I need TrueSync accessors to hook Yahoo to the Palm Desktop (and possibly Outlook at work).

    With this setup, I would enter info into my Visor and sync with the Palm desktop. If I then synced Yahoo and MyPalm in succession, would only the first one get updated?

    Thanks in advance for ANY advice at all!
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    I discovered I could EXPORT my datebook, then IMPORT it to my wife's visor. Importing it effectively merged it with her existing events. I don't know if you can select just part of a schedule to export, though.

    I just glanced, and it looks like you can select a set of records from your contact list and export JUST THEM, for the same purpose. Exported data will be saved to your hard drive where you can find it when you select IMPORT from the other person's user profile.

    Click on FILE, then EXPORT.

    I easily sync to outlook at work, while synching to the PALM desktop at home. I get my business email via outlook at work, so I enabled the email feature when I installed off the handspring CD. IN 2 minutes I get all the day's email onto my Visor. I answer it at my leasure wherever I am, then SEND the replies when I'm back in my office. Very nice!

    Hope that helps.

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