This may be specific to the Treo 650 GSM and the Seidio GPS/charging cradles but I started losing BT Headset function. After 1 ring or so, the Treo would switch to the BT headset for 1 or 2 rings and then back to handset. I fixed it once after a series of power downs (GPS cradle), soft resets (Treo), unpair / repair cycles but it came back. Treo / BT Headset would work fine sitting in GPS cradle as long as tere was no power to the cradle. As soon as I pligged the power in

Thanks to Mr. Calvin at Seidio however, we fixed this little problem with a simple tap. I had turned beaming off and once turned back on, BT headset works fine. Seidio calls it a Palm ROM problem as the issue pops up with some ROMs and not with others. Palm might have a different idea but the fix works.