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    running programs on SDcard querys

    do palm let us run native mode without any 3rd party s/w or hacks?
    last i was on a palm m505 i think i need to install a program to let is run and is super slow too and hangs sometimes and i hate it

    so i swtich to ppc and is wow soo smooth no need 3rd party s/w to run programs on SDcard

    so now if i get a treo 650 do i need to get a 3rd party s/w to run programs on sDcard and it is still super slow and hangs?
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    I have no issues running programs off the card....regardless of OS, anything on card must be swapped to main memory before it can be run. My largest program takes about 5 seconds to load. You can run programs on card from SD card tab in launcher but if you want to categroize them, you'll need something like PowerRUN.

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