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    I can receive email via versamail, but cannot send any emails. I get a SAM SMEmail.c2296507 insufficient space. I cleaned up as much as I could. Moved pics to the card, deleted unwanted emails. So there is no memory problem on my treo. Any thoughts?
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    what method do you use to send email? smtp? if so, what are your settings.
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    Try a soft reset.

    If your service provider is Sprint, try these two things:

    Cheers, Perry
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    It is a corporate email server that I am using. I am connecting using the exchange activesync, so there is no pop or smtp server settings. I connect to our exchange server. I have seen alot of different things using the versamail client, but never this one. Usually if you can't send email, you cant receive it either, at least that is my experience using the exchange activesync. This versamail is a piece of you know what!

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