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    Where can I get Datavis Tech tool? I totally wiped out my treo---- This was before I started your process.. somehow I got a bug that , every time I went into the call log, the phone would reboot so I figured it started just after I loaded the zlauncher so I planned on doing a hard rest and resyncing to the backup file before I put zlauncher on it... didn't work and almost lost everything I managed to save my address and calendar but all my preferences were wiped out... ringer, display options.. email.. I am showing 21Mb available... so I can't complain... I want to start loading apps on it but was looking to install docs to go on the card.

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    Here. I think version 8 has it already loaded though
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    should I load this before I load docts to go?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordi67
    should I load this before I load docts to go?
    It works the same, before or after.
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