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    I just learned about WordSmith and thought it was exactly what I was looking for. Downloaded, installed it, synched. And now my Hot Sync Manager lost its settings to sync with Lotus Notes.

    I am using Easy Sync from Lotus to sync my Handspring Visor and my Lotus Notes. The only two modules I'm syncing to Notes are Calendar and Mail. As I said above the settings are no longer seen in the Hot Sync Manager. Those two modulse sync to nothing now.

    Be careful with this one.


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    I uninstalled Easy Sync, restarted and then reinstalled it. Now, I'm happy to report, the Visor Prism is once again sync-ing to Lotus Notes.

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    When you install Palm Desktop 4.0 and check out the version number on the HotSync Manager it says 3.0.4. When you use the reinstall method stated above(?) and check the version, it says, 3.1.0H.

    Could this mean Palm Desktop 4.0 was released with an old HotSync Manager program?
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    Actually, I believe the fault is more in the fact that Easy Sync still uses an "out of date" .dll file that is shared by many other programs. When those other programs install and see the older version, they update to a newer one. Easy Sync has "compatibility" problems with the newer .dll, which is shouldn't have (they maybe rely on something undocumented in the older version that now no longer exists??). By reinstalling Easy Sync, you've just replaced the newer .dll with an older one that Easy Sync knows how to talk to. I'm supprised that the developers of Easy Sync haven't addressed this issue a long time ago. It's been an issue for over a year now or more, and is a well known issue among 3rd party developers who have to deal with problems when Easy Sync stops working after having their software installed.
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