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    Which eargels do I need to use with the Treo bluetooth headset? Clear ot multicolored or does it matter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by josholson
    Ug. I don't live anywhere near a frys. Can't seem to find them on their online store either.
    The Fry's here only have the clear. I have looked for the multicolored and when I find them I will get more than one set. The clear do not work nearly as well if at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tmt
    I don't doubt that CraniumFunk's order went awry, but I think you're jumping to conclusions. You could call, anyway.

    Did you try Jabra ?
    Jumping to what conclusions??? Why the skepticism?

    It was a hassle for me to find the correct ones. Just tryin to help so josholson doesn't go through the same hassle I did. Couple minutes of help will save him plenty of time trying to make sense of it. It took a couple botched orders & couple trips to the stores to figure this out.

    If you do a search online, you'll see many resellers advertise it, but most don't have the multi-colored in stock. This is why i suggested that particular EarBud, which is about the same price, if not cheaper and you'll get the multi-colored eargels.

    Jabra was the 1st place I ordered from, which actually redirects you to for purchasing. This order was botched & I received the clear gels, even though the pics show colored gels.
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    when you find the purple eargels (like mine) they're the right ones. You will likely need the largest size. Also, they fit really tight but nonetheless they will still come off every now and then. I superglued mine to fix that problem. Be careful when you do this. The glue dries out super fast, so make sure you position the eargel properly as you secure it against the headset.
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    I have the set of multi-coloured ones and I can't possible fathom how these are supposed to stay on the HBH-660, I can get them on and then they just slide off within 1 minute

    these ones:
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    My customer service experience with best buy -

    My inquiry:

    Original Message Follows:
    This inquiry is related to: Web
    My inquiry is specifically related to: Product Assistance

    Questions or Comments: I would like to purchase the following product:
    JABRA EarGel Replacements for JABRA Hands-Free Mobile Phone Kits

    Before I purchase them I would like to ensure that the product matches the
    image shown. I am looking for the multicolored eargels as they are
    slightly larger than the clear ones.

    Thank you.

    Their response:


    I am Elise with Best Buy Customer Care.

    I understand your concern about our products.

    This product comes with two of each sizes small medium and large.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We
    look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to

    Best Buy Customer Care Team

    I'm not quite sure I believe this part: "I understand your concern about our products."
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