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    I've decided to take a look at 3.2.3, mostly to see how it compares with the current Verichat 2.89b. I very much like the addition of SMS and the ability to view the buddy list by group instead of service.


    I hate hate HATE being forced to see bots in my group list. I don't want them, won't use them, and hate the UI distraction. Please tell me there is a way to get rid of these.
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    Unfortunately not if you are on trial version. In standard version, bots do not appear automatically.
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    OK. I'll just ignore them for now. If Causerie can manage to keep me IM'ing without the resets I get with Verichat, then I may very well switch. Most interesting is how you have added in and out-bound SMS chats while Causerie is in the background. I'll also find this handy when I'm on the phone and someone IM's me. Good job guys.

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