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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmicride
    you can NEVER leave a treo.after owning palm, the treo was the next best thing. i just want to be rid of the antenna.

    also, my network is meteor here in ireland and does not support email function- the single most prime function of the treo... and i still love it!
    Just get a Yahoo (or other webmail) account and do your email through the web!
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    Your treo is mad at you for switiching to other phones and now it refuses to act right.
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    Cmon man. It's wireless. It's affected by everything from passing aircraft to power lines to dogs peeing on fire hydrants. NEVER expect anything less than mediocre service from your wireless carrier and you shall find yourself blissfully satisfied
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingdavid73
    I downloaded ringo pro, i set up my contacts to have a mp3 ringtone... i use my SD card to download the ringtones, for some reason my ringtones won't work w/out the SD card. I have to have the card in for it to work
    I dont see how this is related to the rest of the post...
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