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    i know this topic has been covered in many areas.. problem is, i've followed all the workarounds from shadowmite's site, etc.. but to no avail.

    i am running mac os x tiger 10.4.5 with a palm treo 650, installed shadowmite's bluetooth dun hack btmanager.prc, turned on the dun toggle, tried using the modem scripts: sprintpcs, 1_VZW_Generic_1X_ON_230400, and verizon support.

    on my internet connect connection log, i get this error message:
    Thu Mar 9 10:04:30 2006 : setting the port speed to 230K
    Thu Mar 9 10:04:31 2006 : Dialing without tone
    Thu Mar 9 10:04:31 2006 : Dialing #777
    Thu Mar 9 10:05:41 2006 : Connect script failed

    when i initiate the connection via internet connect on the mac, the palm treo just sits there like its not even being talked to.

    i am also running missing sync to sync with entourage. to shut it off, i simply put hotsync option to sync via cradle.

    please let me know if you have any suggestions or know how to get this working. i've spent countless hours searching on the internet and trying different work arounds.

    thanks in advance all of you.
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    I'm not sure if this will be too helpful since I use sprint....but DUN never was an option with the older versions until the most recent sprint update. I updated my treo about a month ago..DUN is part of the package. Works without any work arounds. I also am using a mac 10.4.5. On the mac side of things it's a piece of cake with my phone being up to date. I had the YAHM hack awhile back and it was a big pain. Now I sync and surf without a hitch.

    I'm not sure if verizon is that far behind sprint (I can't imagine)...but is your phone up to date with the newest updates?

    Like I said I may be comparing apples to oranges...but that would be my first question.
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