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    Alright, I received my Motorola H700 today from ebay. First off, the dude sent me the wrong color ..but thats besides the point..I want to address a couple of things I've heard about this headset.

    1. It looks sexy and sleek. Almost like a mini-me version of the HS810-850 series.

    2. People are complaing that the mic is covered by your cheek because the boom presses against it. For me, this ISN'T a problem at all. There is a lot of room between my cheek and the boom. Therefore, my voice is not being muffled to the person I am speaking with.

    3. The headset fits on my ear like a glove! It seriously fits so snuggly that I feel like they personally made it specifically for my ear!! I forget that it's on my ear! It doesn't wiggle around at all so theres no threat that it might fall off. Even when I lay down, the headset still does not move!! However, this is something that may vary from person to person, but for me, the fit turned out excellent.

    4. People tend to talk about the static issue. Unfortunately, this is a problem for me also. The sound is crystal clear when the phone is close range, but the second that I go 4-5 feet away from my phone, I start to hear static. I'm not sure if this kind of issue can be fixed or what not. I must say that when it IS close range, it sounds A LOT more clear than my older Motorola HS810. A big improvement on close-range clarity and a big loss on range.

    5. I've heard that you can't change the volume when a call is in progress - FALSE
    I have personally tried to change the volume during a call with success. I was not disconnected or did not have any sort of problems.

    I've also heard that you can't multitask while on a call--meaning that you can't play games, or access the rest of the things on your palm - FALSE
    I played games and accessed other things on my palm while a call was in progress.

    About the headset not automatically answering when the boom is flipped open, I'm not sure. I haven't tried it, but I will report my results as soon as I do.

    OVERALL: Although the H700 lacks in range (at least for me), I believe it is an excellent headset. Not only does it boast sleek style, but it also delivers crystal clear sound.

    I hope this helps you on making your decision, please ask any questions that you have.

    Please discuss your experiences
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    Thanks vipa1887 for your comments. I'm ready to open mine now!

    Which Treo 650 are you using and what firmware revision?
    (Oh wait, I think I see it in your sig... Unlocked Cingular Palm Treo 650 with an AT&T Sim)

    The idea that you can't multitask while on a call is from my misunderstanding of a post by eharty in another thread when he stated:
    Quote Originally Posted by eharty
    As zizo1972 said, it will disconnect and/or freeze up if you touch any thing on the Treo while on a call. I also find the range to be pretty short and it is very prone to static. Disappointing!!!
    I wasn't sure exactly what he meant by "any thing on the Treo". Looks like he meant touching the volume buttons.

    Thanks again.
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    Thanks for the review, I think I will try this out now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhong
    Which Treo 650 are you using and what firmware revision?
    (Oh wait, I think I see it in your sig... Unlocked Cingular Palm Treo 650 with an AT&T Sim)
    I am running latest firmware from Palm (at least I think its the latest):
    Firmware: 01.51
    Software: Treo650-1.17-CNG
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    I liked the H700 with my treo 700w, but it wasn't quite loud enough. I found myself always trying to turn it up louder and pressing it to my ear. I took it back. I'm having issues that I'm going to post in a new thread.
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    alright this static issue is making me REALLLLYYY angry..does anyone have a fix or any helpful suggestions?
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    I went out and bought this headset from the local radio shack. It was the only bluetooth headset that they had in stock that people talked about here at TC.

    It paired easily.

    The sound quality is really good if the phone is in sight of the headset. Put the phone on the other side of your body and it cuts out quite a bit. People that I talked to said that the sound was very good on their end if I stayed in about 4 feet. 15 feet was the maximum range that a person could understand what I was saying but it was staticy and would cut out. At 25 feet, the voice was un-inteligle. The volume on my end is great indoors. I turned the phone up and down while on a call and I wound up keeping it on mid level while on a call.

    The headset is very comfortable and did not move around on my end. I could not tell I even had a headset on. Flipping the mike open would not answer a call and I had to answer the call with the treo and wait till it picked up on the headset. This took about 2-3 seconds. I could multitask easily while on a call and had no problem switching between apps or contacts.

    However, the lack of range probably will be a deal killer for me. I will be on the road for 4 days this week and will give my thought about the headset on the road.


    ps. I have sprint service and have not upgraded to the latest firmware. I am one back.
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    alright so i've been using the H700 for little over two days now..couple of things i noticed:

    1. the thing that wraps around your ear is really stiff..much stiffer than the the HS810's (compared side by side)..its so stiff that it starts to hurt my ear a i have to take it off every once in a while..

    2. the static is UNBEARABLE..i literally put my treo in my pocket and experienced static!! it feels like its worse than a wired headset..i definately didnt invest $60 in something that i cant even put a foot away from my phone!!

    im really starting to contemplate selling it back on ebay.
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    Here's my report on using my new Motorola H700 after a couple of days. Note: This is my first BlueTooth headset, so I'm not biased by any experiences with previous (better?) headsets. Please consider my inexperience when reading.

    I really like the size. I've seen others' headsets and the H700 does seem quite a bit smaller. Coupled with the fact that the microphone folds back makes it even smaller.

    It fits well on the ear. I'd say it's a nice fit. Doesn't feel as secure as I'd like, but I don't feel it will fall off at least. If it were more secure, I'm not sure if I'd be complaining about how tight it holds, since I haven't tried other headsets.

    Not sure about battery life since I've only charged it once so far. I think I will have no problem with battery life because I don't keep the headset on my ear the whole day. I only use it when I plan to be on the phone, or while I'm in the car. Also, since the H700 turns off so easily just by folding the microphone closed, I won't have to charge it very often at all since it isn't on standby all day. Note: if you flip open the headset to power on in order try to answer a call that just came in, it can be done, but not without some effort. It will not answer the call immediately as the H700 is capable of doing with some other bluetooth compatible phones. You need to open the mic (to power it on), then the Treo might beep the headset to report an incoming call, otherwise, answer from the Treo and hope that it sends the call over to the headset.

    It is loud enough for me, and I drive an old '94 Geo Prizm, which isn't the quietest of cars while on the highways. I can hear well while in the car with the headset at max volume, or even a notch or two from max. While testing on the road, the caller reported that they could hear me a little clearer while I spoke directly with the Treo instead of using the headset. Probably because of how close the mic is to the mouth on the Treo compared with the mic on the H700. I like the fact that it beeps the headset to report an incoming call. With the road noise and the radio on, I can't always hear the Treo ringing. If the headset is on my ear, I know I'm receiving a call by the periodic beep.

    For my Sprint Treo 650 with firmware revision 1.12, I am unable to change the volume while on the headset an during a call from the Treo device (I'm not sure if it is possible. Vipa1887 reports that it is possible, but is unclear whether or not it is a volume change from the headset or the Treo device). I can change the volume from the headset controls. I just leave the Treo set to receive calls at max volume, but I'm unsure if the volume on the Treo device actually affects what I hear through the headset. (To set the Treo 650 to answer at max volume by default, answer a call while the bt headset is off, set the volume to max using the side volume control, then end the call at max volume. The Treo will answer calls from that point on at max.)

    As far as static goes, there is static. I'm sure that there are other headsets out there that have less static as the static is immediately noticed in most of my calls. The sound quality seems good aside from the static. I don't plan to be far from my phone typically, so this isn't a huge issue for me.

    Since I can use my Treo 650 reliably while on the headset, I'm happy. If I weren't able to use the Treo to search for contact info, check the calendar, etc., I'd need to find a more compatible headset, but the H700 works well for my needs.

    I hope this helps some users out there...
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    UPDATE: The H700 disconnects from my Treo frequently. Static is always present. Feels like this bluetooth headset is getting progressively worse.

    Going to sell it for sure.
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    I had to return my H700 due to the fact it disconnected if I stayed connected more than 24mins on a call. If someone knows how to correct that challenge let me know, Thanks

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