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    On my desktop software, the Versamail icon (on the left) is gone. I went to reinstall using my Palm CD and it says to reinstall the Versamail conduit. I have checked everywhere, but cannot find how to do this. Anybody help?

    BTW, I don't use my email on my T-650 much, but noticed that every time I wanted to use email, I had to re-setup the account. I then discovered that the setup info disappeared when I hot synched. Anybody have any ideas to get the icon (and Versamail functionality) back?
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    I was hoping for a shorter way to this, but in case someone has this same problem, here are the steps I took to solve this:

    1) made a backup to my card using Resco backup.
    2) unistalled my palm desktop software.
    3) deleted all instances of palm program files on my HD
    4) deleted all instances of versamail files on my HD
    5) Used Regedit to remove all instances of Versamail and palm entries.
    6) Installed palm desktop back to computer and did a hotsynch.
    7) Deleted my palm desktop backup file (C:\program files\palmone\"userID"\backup
    8) Did a hard reset of my Treo 650 (probably not needed but it was time to do this part anyway)
    9) Did a hotsynch and then added all software and fixed my preferences etc.
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    It is possible to re-install the conduit separately but I don't have the CD to hand to check what file needs to be run. From memory you browse the Palm CD directly and you run a file in the after install(?) directory. I will have a hunt round the palm site for the instructions I eventually found and update this if I find them


    [edit] OK found the instructions.

    Solution ID : 9361 in the Palm "Knowledge Library". I only actually did steps 2-5 in the section "Run VMDialogWrapper.exe" because my initial installation had been fine and the conduit had got corrupted some how after running fine for months.
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