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    Has anyone noticed that version 4.0 changed the way addressbook entries are displayed? In the 3.1 version, there was a single column regardless of whether you had an entry in the 'company' field or the 'last/first name' fields in the addressbook. Everything would be sorted alphabetically in a single column with the corresponding 'show in list' number. The 4.0 version lets you sort by name OR company, but not both and it has 2 columns. What this does is create a staggered look to the listing. Entries with no company have blanks in the company column and vice versa for the name column. Palm says that you can't display addressbook entries in 4.0 like was possible in 3.1. Does this bother anyone else? If Handspring creates a version of 4.0 that supports USB directly, what are the chances they'll correct this display flaw?
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    Handspring doesn't really update the desktop software, they only modify the hotsync manager to support USB.

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