Do any of you clever software writers (the guys at PalmPowerUps or LudusTech maybe?) know of a way to remap the list of alternative characters that pop up when you press the ALT key on the Treo 650?

All I want to do is have the :Shortcut: symbol as the first alternative option for the 'S' key. At the moment it is last in the list, taking about 4 keypresses to bring up!

As an extension of this idea, I thought complete customisation of the ALT lists would be great. You could add your email address to the E key so you would only need to type 'E' followed by 'ALT' to enter your email address in a text field. You could add a list of useful HTML to a key too, to make browsing easier - for instance you could have the 'H' key alternatives as http://www and .com

Anyone else interested in this?