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    does having more mailboxes kill your battery faster? i had almost full battery this morning and now its at 29%...
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    More online (push) mailboxes will do that. Or just a lot of mailboxes checking frequently. Or a server that sends a lot of useless data. I'd need to see a log of an hours' activity to know for sure what's going on. Instructions in the FAQ at

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    I have noticed that when I tried to check 3 IMAP boxes and one POP3 my battery drained faster than it did when I went to 2 IMAP boxes. That is just one users opinion.
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    If you have as many online mailboxes as I suspect you do (based on the other thread), and especially if you have a Sprint/Verizon phone, you can expect poor battery life and lots of lost phone calls.

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    yeav ive noticed that since i switched from my 1 imap / 1 mail box to 2 imap / 6 mailbox my battery life has decreased a lot. is there any way to set up folders taht dont act like mailboxes (needing to connect etc)? i just want a way to organize emails even if its saving them to the chatter folder on my sd card.

    ill try switching to only 2imap accounts and no mailboxes tomorrow and see how it goes
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    No, the problem isn't having the mailboxes and accounts; it's having them PUSHED. Just check "Offline" in the "Deliver" page of "Edit Mailbox" and either put them on a schedule or sync them manually.


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