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    Yesterday I bought a TX to replace my broken palm, but Iím already thinking I might have made a mistake (fortunately I have 30 days to change my mind). I donít own a cel phone, and Iíve been thinking of getting one; perhaps rather than buying both a palm and a cel-phone, I should get a Treo 650?

    Iíd be grateful for peoplesí opinions in this matter; especially people whoíve used a pure palm and also a Treo that can compare the experiences. Iíve listed reasons for and against such a decision, and if it would be helpful also if you had any thoughts on them.

    Thank you all for your help.

    Reasons for getting a Treo-650:

    -Iíd be carrying around one device rather than two, making them easier to keep track of.

    -I wouldnít have to enter phone numbers twice; once in my palm, once in my cel phone.

    -I could install shareware to get neat features, like distinctive rings for different people calling. Perhaps even a visual voice mailbox?

    -I donít much like graffiti and end up using the graffiti-area keyboard almost exclusively. Perhaps a thumb-keyboard would be even better?

    -OMG! Camera! I have a camera, but this way I'd always have one with me for surprises. Three devices in one!

    Reasons against (would a Treo650 compromise my palm experience?)

    -A Treo 650 would be bulkier than my TX, perhaps making it a pain to tote in my pocket, or to pull out and write notes down on the fly; would two slim devices be better than one bulky one?

    -Having two input methods (keyboard and pen) might be awkward to switch between (on the TX when I use the graffiti-keyboard, Iím still doing it with the pen, which makes everything flow easily)

    -Perhaps I could get some of the same advantages of a Treo (no need to enter phone numbers twice, e-mail, visual voicemail box) by getting a Blue-tooth enabled cel phone to use along with my palm? Iíd be especially interested if people had experience with this.

    Thereís also the matter of expense. Never having had a cel phone before, I have no idea how expensive calling plans are or how they work or how that fits into the equation treo650 versus TX+celphone.

    --Rick Taylor
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickTaylor
    Never having had a cel phone before, I have no idea how expensive calling plans are or how they work or how that fits into the equation treo650 versus TX+celphone.
    --Rick Taylor
    This is the question you have to answer. All of the others don't count if you don't want or need a cell phone. You need to talk with other folks in your living & working areas to find out what cell plans they have and how satisfied they are with cell service in these areas. Check out the costs of various service providers to see the range of costs. But remember, cheap is not good if the provider's coverage doesn't let you use the cell when you want to. Once you decide on a service provider and cost you can accept, then start looking a phones that work with that service. The Treo 650 is a great combination device that I love, but to use it fully, you will likely have to invest in extras for web access and such that will also affect your monthly costs. Good luck
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    Hi Rick!

    (See my signature line.) I went from a T3 paired with a BlueTooth cell phone to the 650 and have never looked back. IMHO, screen size, was the only thing I lost, and going from two devices to one more than made up for it. Spreadsheets are alittle cramped on the 650 -- but not bad.

    If you decide on one device. then you need to decide WM5 (700W or other devices)or the PalmOS (650 or rumored soon to be 700P). I am sticking with the PalmOS for now because of my extensive library of Palm applications.

    I have a Sprint 300 minute calling plan for $35 with unlimited data at $10 more. With taxes my bill is around $54 monthly. Sprint has the best price on data -- most carriers are equal on calling plans.

    With a cell phone -- you have to determine who has the best service coverage in where you go around town. Cheap is useless, if you have no coverage.

    Cheers, Perry.

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