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    Quote Originally Posted by seidioseidio

    The 4100M does NOT have integrated GPS - as does the 2350 and 4850 cradles - so you would need an external GPS receiver source. One of the nicest things about the 4100M is that it provides a TRUE stereo out to hook up an FM transmitter or product of your choice to provide stereo output. The 4100 does NOT have a built-in speaker. For full info about the 4100, you can go to this page:

    For a comparison of the capabilities of all of our cradles, you can view this page:

    If I can answer any other questions for you, please let me know.


    Does the 4100M work with the Treo 700W. If not why is it incompatable and will you be releasing a version of the 4100W for the 700W?

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    I was looking at this possibly for a Treo 700p. I already have a vehicle mount, but it'd be more convenient to always have everything connected and just drop the phone into the cradle than it would to search around for the power and audio cables and plug them in each time I get in the car. Currently I find that I'll only plug these in for long trips.

    Anyway, I have a few questions. First of all, how sturdy is the actual cradle part. I understand that the multiconnector has to slide into the phone, but it doesn't really look like much is holding the phone from sliding towards the rear of the car for example.

    Secondly, how is the quality of the external microphone? While I'd rather use the stereo output to interface with the car speakers, and then continue to use the Treo's microphone, this doesn't appear to be possible, so I was wondering how well the microphone works. Can the person on the other end tell you're on a car kit? Are there major echo issues?
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    Just got the 4100M for my 700wx. While several sites call the 4100M compatible with the 700wx, the Seidio site does not explicitly say the 700wx (only the 700). I can tell you that it's a very tight fit for the treo 700wx. I use a superslim gel case and I would say that no treo with a case will fit into the cradle. I am quite disappointed that the Seidio 4100M has some degredation of sound as you compare it with a direct connect to the phone versus using the stereo audio output of the cradle. Seems like the audio is much more bass'y when delivered via the cradle's audio port. I'm also wildly disappointed in the out of the box impedence levels. You don't notice much without the treo charging, but when the adapter is plugged in, the background noise is ridiculous. I'm thinking of trying a ground loop isolator before sending the Seidio product back. Not much hope right now but we'll see. Seidio, any response?
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    Any 680 users have this kit? How is it working for ya?
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    WOW! It's interesting to see this thread resurrected because I just got my G4100M on Friday (for my 680). I installed it yesterday and have been thrilled with it! I was planning on writing up a full review to post tomorrow. I will still try and do this, no time tonight - It's opening day for us Mets fans and the first pitch is in about 9 minutes!!!
    Here were my initial thoughts:
    - Hooked up very easily (I did hard install of both my power and my audio)
    - Speakerphone worked wonderful (the mic is mounted on the visor with wire hidden in molding and invisible)
    - I do agree with Blitzed that the sound seems different. I haven't had time to play with it too much yet, to compare between in the cradle and out. I'll say more tomorrow.
    - It is VERY tight on the 680. It goes in pretty smooth, but is a bear to get out. This is my biggest concern since I don't want to damage the 2.5mm audio jack. There are a ton of complaints that the original PALM 680 travel cord is tight too, so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. Palm seems to have made the 680 universal connector REALLY tight.
    As I said more info will come tomorrow, but I have really enjoyed listening to my tunes in my car. (now I just need to go for a long drive without the wife and kids...
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    I researched things pretty well. I tend to take a lot of time determining exactly what I want and then trying to find the best deal to accomplish my primary goals. My goals for a car-kit were: 1) hands free phone operation that enabled better phone quality than the standard speakerphone option on the 680; 2) the ability to listen to music off my Treo through the car's audio system; 3) ability to upgrade to GPS later, if desired (this was a cost cutting move); 4) neat and clean installation (I don't want wires all over everywhere!).

    The G4100M stacked up like this:
    1) hands free: the G4100M has no integrated speaker, but can route phone calls through the audio connection set up for music(below). It has an external mic with a long cord and reportedly good pickup with little echo.

    2) music: the G4100M has true stereo output through an external 2.5mm jack (just like the treo). Seidio recommends using it's FM Transmitter with the G4100M but I didn't like that option (too many wires, another component to float around my car, and possible sound degredation over the FM signal). However, I didn't see why I couldn't hardwire the output jack into my radio's aux input with proper adapters.

    3) GPS: I don't need GPS now, but would find it convenient on occasion. I don't have the $$ right now, but maybe soon. The G4850 has integrated GPS for $130 more, but I opted for the G4100M b/c it still allowed me to later add a bluetooth GPS receiver with my 680. It even has a power out jack for such an accessory.

    4) I didn't want to have to connect wires to my treo every time I put it in the cradle. The G4100M has a palm universal connector molded into it's cradle along with a male audio jack and battery charging connector. This means no wires to hook up to the treo. With the optional hardwire kit you can bypass the cigarette lighter and wire the charger directly into your car's electrical system. Also, with hardwiring the the audio cable to my radio I could bind all these wires together and hide them pretty well, never needing to plug them in or hook them up.

    -I bought my G4100M and the hardwire kit directly from Seidio. It was easy and painless. Although shipping seemed high, FedEx delivered it in two days (one day early) and it came without any problems. ($115 all inclusive)
    -I bought a 2.5mm to 2.5mm adapter along with a 3.5mm to 2 RCA adapter from a local electronics store. (less than $10 together, I love that store!)
    -I ordered an aux in cable for my Pioneer receiver off eBay ($11 including shipping) which was much cheaper than the list of $29.99!!!
    Total cost was approximately $135 and everything arrived within three days!


    All this installation was surprisingly easy. It took me a total of 2-2.5 hours. (I had to stop to play football with my son for a short while and also to later eat dinner so the number isn't more exact!) That time included set-up and clean-up. It also included rewiring parts of my radio (since a number of the wires were loose) and jumping my car (since I was listening to CD's while doing some of the work and killed my battery!) Needless to say, it could have been done more quickly!!

    I wired the power cable into the wires leading to my cig lighter since they were easily accessible and obviously the correct voltage, etc. I then zip tied the audio and power cables together as they left the G4100M and routed them down the side of the center console. I gathered the excess cables bundled it under the center console behind the radio.

    The mic cable I coupled along with the other cables to get under the dash and then ran them to A column of the door frame. The mic cable slid easily under some rubber trim and up to the visor. It is mostly hidden except at the top of the door frame. The provided mic clip allows for various installation locations (thanks Seidio for this simple clip!). I left enough slack to still use the visor. I originally tried to hook the mic off the steering column, but my wife said there was some significant echo (not as bad as with the treo's own speakerphone, but noticeable). I moved it further away from the car speaker and she said the echo faded significantly. She could still hear herself, but only very slightly (sometimes our home phone does this anyway, so it could have been the home phone, I'll test more later.)

    Now I was up and running! Thanks to pTunes 4.x deluxe my handsfree phone system is completely integrated with my tunes. The music pauses automatically when a call comes in and starts the minute I hang up. No more missing the call b/c the music was too lound!!!

    I am going to take some pics and add them to this part of the review.
    Later, I will do some further testing of sound and call quality and post some thoughts on usability / sound quality.

    Hey, I forgot to talk about the mount. The G4100M comes with two mounts: windshield and vent. I went with the vent because I hate things stuck on my windshield (and again, I don't want wires hanging in the air!). By the way, the windshield mount is very sturdy and seems to have an awesome suction cup. It has good reviews, but I haven't actually tried it. The vent mount was easy to install and seems very secure. It does not seem to bounce around (although I haven't gone far!) and it's location is perfect for me. I did use the included swivel adapter which lets me point it facing me so I can easily read the screen. In short, it was easy to install and quite secure with adjustable vent clips and a sturdy fold out bottom bracket for additional support. Well done.
    Last edited by OnTheFly; 04/02/2007 at 10:52 AM. Reason: Forgot about the mount!
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    OK, I went out and took some shots...but I can't figure out how to post them on this forum. Now that I look around, no one seems to post pics in their threads, always attachments. Is it even possible? I see the [IMG] link, but it doesn't work as I would expect it too.

    Review Part 2 coming up later.
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    Here are the pics anyway, saved as attachments if you want them:

    P4020002.JPG - connectors up close
    P4020004.JPG - gathered wires going down center console
    P4020005.JPG - mic wire hidden under molding
    P4020006.JPG - mic atop visor
    P4020007.JPG - from the driver's view w/ Treo 680
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Well, I was going to apologize for taking over a week to complete my review, but since no one else has posted on this thread since I did, perhaps it's not necessary. Perhaps no one is even reading this! But, you never know.

    I included my opinions above about purchasing and installing my car cradle above, so now I want to reflect on 10 days worth of use. First of all, it is only ten days of use (and pretty sparingly, at that!). I walk to work most mornings and only drive when I have a trip to make (which are very sporadic). However, i have used my cradle about 6-8 times over the past 10 days and continue to be very happy with my purchase. Here are my thoughts on a few items:

    The most inconvenient part of using the cradle is actually getting it out of the holster and placing it in the cradle. (In a New England winter/early spring this is a challenge with all your outerwear buttoned up!) However, the Palm fits very snuggly in the cradle and goes in with a solid push. The connection is solid. (Perhaps too solid, but more on this in a minute!)

    Being installed in the center dash vent places my palm at my fingertips. Answering a call is VERY easy. Just hit the center button or the big [ANSWER] button on the screen. With it wired into my radio my music pauses and the caller comes in loud and clear. Actually the music pauses before you answer so you know the call is coming and you don't miss the ringer due to loud music. This has happened to me a number of times before getting my G4100M. I occasionally need to adjust the stereo volume so that the caller's voice is at the right level b/c it is not always balanced with the music level, but that is easy enough! With the mic installed in my visor, the caller can hear me well and my hands are entirely free to focus on the wheel and driving.

    Playing music has been great. I picked a skin for pTunes that is easy to read and use with a finger on the touchscreen or the d-pad. Both work. Looking up a particular song while driving can be difficult, but it is not recommended anyway. This is because the screen is still only 2.5 inches diagonal. Your best bet is to try to do it while your at a stop light. I have also occasionally chosen to listen to my music on random which, of course, eliminates this problem and always keeps my guessing!

    My biggest concern I mentioned in an earlier post. The universal connector it TIGHT!! Very tight. I have learned to remove my 680 without too much struggle, but it is still a little disconcerting to pull so hard on the devices. I do fear that I will break either my vent or my vent mount some day. I am hoping that connection loosens up with use before the mount/vent breaks. It is a two handed operation with a firm "tilted" tug. I need to tilt it to ease it out, but don't want to put too much pressure on the earphone jack. There are a lot of complaints on this and other boards about the 680 travel cable and it's tight connection as well. I don't know where the problems lies, but it is harder than I would like.

    Sound Quality
    I will state right off the bat that I am not an audiophile. I do enjoy good sounding music and cringe at hearing speakers rattle or buzz and sound distortion can really bother me, but I fall way short of some of the fanatics (ahem...serious music lovers) that I know. My car stereo cost me about $350 (on sale) including 4 door speakers. That probably tells you something...

    Anyway, I have been thrilled with the sound coming through my G4100M. I have NOT noticed the degradation in sound that Blitzed mentions in his post. I initially did hear some significant base increase when I first started using it, but that does not appear to be coming from the cradle. Without any scientific measuring, I think the sound coming directly from my 680 is identical to the sound being routed through the G4100M. I think it sounds wonderful. Any needed change in the music can be handled (to my satisfaction) using the built in EQ in pTunes (and I haven't done that at all) or my radio (which I changed regularly through my presets when listening to CD's anyway).

    Gotta run to lunch...more to come...
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    Here's my biggest question, how's the sound quality for phone calls? I figured that the stereo output wouldn't be degraded too much, but what I'm really wondering about is the microphone quality, etc.
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    OK, I just ran outside with a colleague and tested it out. From the car side, it sounds awesome. That, I've known all along. I love receiving calls through the G4100M. They are very loud and clear. However, for the person on the other line (which is why I was running around outside) it does sound like a speakerphone/carphone. It wasn't bad for me. And I could clearly hear the person in my car (while I was back in the office) but I did catch an occasional echo of my own voice. My last syllable would repeat in my ear piece after I shut up. It is apparently much less than what my wife complained about without the G4100M. She said the 680 speakerphone had a terrible echo that really bothered her. Now she says it's much better. I thought it was quite good (but I'm biased! )

    Anyway, I wrote up a whole other section to my review that covered this and some other things, but it got lost when I tried to post it. I haven't been on a two day lunch, I just haven't had the umph to rewrite all that I lost the other day. I don't even remember it all now!

    I hope this answers your question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OnTheFly View Post
    WOW! It's interesting to see this thread resurrected because I just got my G4100M on Friday (for my 680). I installed it yesterday and have been thrilled with it!
    I have a 4100M that worked OK with my 650, but isn't working at all with the 680. So I wrote to Seidio, describd the problems I'd been having with the 650, and now worse with the 680, and here's what they said:

    "Unfortunately the G4100m car kit for Treo 650 is not compatible with Treo 680 due to different pin configuration. You can consider to purchase our new G4300x, a new car kit for Treo 680 that compatible to fit with or without Seidio 2400mAh extended battery and cases on. Please click on link below for more information."

    So here I'm reading it works, min doesn't, and Seidio said it's not supposed to. H-m-m-m-m-mmm.
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    It is my understanding that they sell different versions of the 4100M. If you had a 650 version that would not work with the 680. That's if I remember correctly. When I ordered mine I went in through the "680 compatible" device link. It came labeled for the 750, but the website also states 680 compatibility. I went into a minor panic, but all was good in the end...
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    On the Fly,
    Can you show a picture of the back of the cradle. I do not want to use either mount that comes with the cradle but would like to attach it to my car mount base from Pro-Clip. This is mostly just a flat surface with some mounting holes.
    Is the back of the cradle flat and smooth? What does the attachment point look like?

    Loved your review by the way. I have the exact same needs and requirements and have been thinking the same way. Any news on the tight fit? Any damage to the 680? Problems with the audio jack getting in "stuck" mode? I commute every day and will be pushing it in and pulling it out every morning and evening.

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    (good beer, by the way!)
    The back is flat, but has two raised "tracks" toward either side for the mount face to slide into. (this is, if my memory serves me!) I will try to take a picture and post it soon. I am at a crazy busy time with work and family so I hope I can get it to you in a reasonable time.

    As for your other questions: The tightness seems to have slackened up a bit, but not much. I don't commute every day, so I am only using it once or twice a week. I still don't know how much easier it will get over time. I have gotten better at the technique, but it is not entirely comfortable yet. I have had no damage to the 680 or the G4100M yet. The headphone jack on the 680 is still solid and the male post on the siedio is solid as well. I seem to be able to get it on and off without much torque. I am not entirely sure what you mean by "stuck mode". Are you talking about the treo not returning to regular speaker activity when removed from the G4100M? If so, I have never experienced that. The sound comes out of the jack or the earpiece as it is supposed to, alternating between the two whether it is cradled or free.

    Hope that helps!
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