I'm oneof those users that has a "No Service" Treo. Occasionally I'll try and make a call and it'll dial and then say "No Service" and disconnect me. It'll also freeze up on incoming calls. This usally happens after the phone has had some kind of Blunt Force trauma (BFT), like a small drop on to the desk, or being banged against something. I resolve this temporarily by opening up the Treo and re-seating the battery connector. That would last for a couple weeks until it worked loose again or had the next BFT. We'll I opened 'er up last week and noticed that one of the 4 battey wires was bent down, so I straightened 'er up and laid a piece of foam over the wires.

Foam you say?

Yup I cut a piece of expanding foam right out of the wall here at work, wittled it down and jammed it inside my Treo!

I laid it over the wires to provide a bit extra pressure onthe wires and keep them straight.

Well 7 days in and no problems.

When I got out of the car last night I forgot the Treo was on my lap and it took a hard fall and slid across the driveway, but NO PROBLEM the phone still works!

anyhow, just an idea for some of you guys out there with a jacked up Treo, no money for a new one, and some extra time on your hands.