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    one thing I missed on the Treo is calling people via VoIP. offers a service, where you just type in your number and the number you want to call and then Jajah will call you and the other number and connect.

    Advantage: Low cost calls, even internationally. No dependence on a fast/stable data connection.

    Question: Is there anybody out there who is interested in writing an app that can access the phonebook and on click on a number send a http request to jajah with that number filled in.

    What do you think?

    Business Case for the Treo 650?
    - Cam-Phone, PDA, MP3 player, GPS navigation, Remote Control for my Home Entertainment (TVedia), VoIP-Phone, USB Stick
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    i don't know how to write that kind of app, but i know the way how to put in the numbers via http:


    the international "+" has to be encoded as "%2b".

    pls inform me if you guys got something running, thanks!

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