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    hey guys i need some help i got a bluetooth usb adapter from bluetake the model is BT007 EX im able to pair with my treo " i mean by this putting the usb adapter in my trusted device" dont know if i can pair from the pc .... well anyways i cant perform a blutooth hotsync i've done everything add com ports disconect and reconect ...the works and still nada.....all i get when im attemting a hotsync is the bluetooth logo on my pcs system tray turn from blue to green but nothing happens after that

    someone please have mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hate BT sync for a multitude of reasons, so I'm no expert, but have you made sure of the following under Hotsync in the systray:
    1) Local USB is not checked
    2) Local (serial) is checked
    3) The local COM port is set to whatever your BT COM port is

    Also, check under My Bluetooth Places (or one of the related screens) and make sure your Treo shows up with a little green double arrow on it - that means it's recognized as trusted by the PC.
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    under My Bluetooth Places

    wheres that

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