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    I am getting apretty consistent -- once or twice a day -- crash on my Treo 650. It happens in a few different applications, but it is the same error...

    The most consisten application that it happens in is Phone.

    The error is --

    Preferences.c, Line 263,
    PrefDB Open Error

    I loose all my preferences. I have started backing up my SavedPreferences and Unsaved Preferences file so that I can copy them back when it happens. This puts me back to about 95% of where I was before the crash.

    Any ideas?
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    Might want to list which programs are running all the time.. But I am pretty sure you can fix this problem by using Resco Locker. To find out which applications to lock you'll have to read the big long thread on it, but basically anything that runs all the time.

    However, a couple times a day screams some nasty program needs removing.
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    Turn off your phone and pull out the sim card tray (im assuming you're using a GSM Treo). See if the SIM card is a GEMPLUS card. If so, go out to your local GSM carrier store and get a new sim card. GEMPLUS cards are known to crash and burn, otherwise known as SUCK.

    If that doesn't help, try backing up all your information by hot syncing, and then hard rebooting your device.
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    This is going to be hard to diagnose w/o a software list.

    Hardware wise, as far as fixable items go, there has been two issues with GSM Treos.

    1. The 32k Gemplus SIM card was beieved to be the cause of problems. In my experience, I have a 32K gemplus SIM card, it's been no problem. Users with problems were advised to geta 64K card replacement.

    2. The second problem may be related to the first as palm sent out SIM tray holder replacements. The new ones have an extra rib to better support the card and help it maintain contact. In fact, I suspect that that was the actual problem in Item No. 1 above. I'm guessing that the smaller cards were a bit thinner or more flexible and teh new tray probably solved both issues.

    As for CDMA, the hardest thing ws the immature ROM when the thing was reeased. Most issues with the early Sprint modles that peeps were complaining about have been fixed in later ROM releases.

    After that, many users have experienced problems using older versions of software and even the current versions from some vendors are known to cause problems. More often certain combinations of software can bring the thing down because two or more programs are trying to use the same system resources.

    Again, from experience here on the board we have soem idea of which programs and combos are the worst offenders so plz post your list
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    I've been getting the "PrefDB Open Error" crashing my treo once or twice a day as well. no fun. The great thing about the error is that it attaches to whatever application you were using when it crashed, so pretty much every app supposedly crashes my treo.

    It certainly got very serious once I installed the FAT32 driver. Do you have it installed, by any chance? Possibly bad: chatter, butler & hi-launcher, both which I constantly use. however, they are Never the cause of the crashes according to ##377.

    Anyone else with the constant crashies getting depressed with the continued proliferation of the "my treo's doing fine" thread?
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    Chater is a very capable program and therefore it uses substantial resources. That in and of itself is not a problem unless you have othe rprorams going after those same resources.

    Removal of Butler is oft quoted as a solution to people's problems.

    HiLauncher I don't see mentioned much but I don't know the program and therefore have nothing to offer. If you insalled Uninstall Manager as your first program I would uninstall those three one at a time whith our most highly suspect app being first. If no luck trt various combinations of the 3.

    If you didn't install UM, then I would hard reset....go nakie for a few days and see if no resets....then add programs you don't think are problematic in bunches....then add one at a time for "the usual suspects" with a couple of days in between to you nail the offender.
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    Try this:

    1. Make a backup copy of your Saved_preferences.
    2. Delete the saved_preferences file.
    3. Warm reset.

    DO NOT COPY BACK OVER YOUR saved_preferences FILE!!! Feel free to re-enter any registration numbers for software you use. You can also tweak any of the system preferences if you need. You are just doing this long enough to see if that corrects the reset problem.

    If your treo no longer has crash issues - then consider trashing your OLD saved_preferences, because the problem is in there.

    I did this a couple months ago and I'm so glad I did. The only things I noticed missing after I deleted the saved_preferences were system settings (like brightness, system volume & tone settings, and registration codes for purchased software), NOT settings within most apps (except for registration codes).

    I have about 10 registered apps so it did take me a little while to re-enter all the registration codes and about 5 minutes to reset all the system prefs, but it was time well-invested. I went from crashing 3-4 times a day to once every 3-4 days or so.

    Try it and see if that works for you.

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