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    ive had chatter for the whole 30 day trial and loved it.

    i didnt want to do too much with it so i just set it up with my websites email which is imap and has my gmail account forwarded to it. everything was runnig perfect, after i purchased and registered chatter i decided to set up another email account from my site and have another gmail account forwarded to it. i also made 4 sub folders for each of my accounts (8 total).

    now i am having trouble connecting to the network at times (sprint) and usually atleast 4 of the folders are in wait mode (what does wait mode mean?). is this common?

    another issue im having is after deleting a subfolder, if i have to hard reset chatter asks me to restore the deleted folder from my sd card.

    any ideas? thanks.
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    There is a limit of 7-8 boxes that can be online at any time; any others will "Wait" until there's a "slot" available. My guess is that you have too many trying to be online at the same time...

    The second problem is fixed in the beta.

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    thanks marc,

    the second problem was with the beta, but now its not doing it, i think it was because i upgraded from the last full trial version, i was also getting the 0 days left on trial screen but it stopped as well.

    im gonna try to consolidate some folders and ill let you know. thanks for a great program.
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    seems like 6 mailboxes is the limit for me... as soon as i add a 7th it goes into wait mode. any word on increasing that marc? i dont really need it just curious.
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    The limit is mainly OS related.

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