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    Does anyone know if you can change the backimage on a treo 650 with out usesing zlauncher, and if so how.....I want to use a pic that I took and I dont want it for the phone wallpaper I want it for the programs.
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    I think you can use an app called 'Skinner'(not too sure about that though), but I don't think it can be done without some sort of third-party program. I could be wrong, though.
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    You can change the wallpaper in both the phone app and the daily view of calendar. As long as you start your phone with either of those apps you can see your wallpaper, but it's gone once you leave the app.
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    The Tungsten T5 and T|X have a background picture in the launcher. Maybe there is a prc that can be taken from one of those? Anyone got a Tungsten????
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